In addition to providing Clinical services for individuals, there are two types of workshops we run for bariatric patients.  The first is for people wishing to avoid surgery, and the second is for people wishing to avoid further surgery. 


The Fortnightly Workshop

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These workshops run for 90 minutes, and cover:

    • Troubleshooting problems, including weight gain, or other symptoms or issues not directly related to anatomy
    • Strategies to assist with change
    • Opportunities to meet other people and hear their stories
    • Assistance with further referrals if necessary, to see if further surgery can be avoided. 

The Pre-surgery Primer

These workshops run for 90 minutes, and cover:

    • What is involved in weight-loss surgery,
    • the pros, cons and other experiences of patients
    • the journey of patients after surgery
    • what can go wrong and how to avoid it
    • elements of the process you can try, without undergoing surgery.